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  Party Favors for your Jewish Celebration

An Affair to Remember
At orthodox weddings, the traditional "wedding favor" given to guests is the "bencher," the blessings book.  (Click Here for more information about benchers).

However, whether you will or will not put a "bencher" at each setting, you may wish to add other favors for your guests.

Here are some ideas:

  • A copy of a memorable photo you have of you (or both of you) with each guest

  • A pretty picture frame

  • Potpourri

  • Engraved silver key chains (with Jewish theme)

  • A Polaroid shot of you and each guest as they arrive at the reception

  • Wine glasses with your names and the date of your wedding

  • Small, round, decorative boxes (or pretty pillboxes)

  • Small Tzedakah boxes

  • Music boxes

  • Kosher mints with your married monogram on them

  • Search the Jewish Celebrations DIRECTORY for Party Favors that will make your party an affair to remember.

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