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 Banquet and Kosher Catering Halls

The Perfect Place to Have Your party!

Before you go about looking for the perfect place to have your celebration --- consider the following:
• Budget - You can spend anywhere from $0 to $100,000 and more.
• Number of guests you anticipate
• Accessibility to families and guests
• Weather Conditions (an important fact if you’re to have your celebration outdoors)
• You may consider a traditional venue or something different:
• For a list of Banquet Halls serving the Jewish community - for weddings, bar mitzvahs, brit and baby naming ceremonies, and other life-cycle celebrations – search the Jewish Celebration’s Directory – Click Here!
• In spring and summer, botanical gardens blooming and colorful, may be perfect for an outdoor affair.
• Synagogues and Jewish Community Centers host catered affairs. These organizations usually provide chuppah facilities, as well as the services of an officiating rabbi.
• Consider a municipal building, an historical residence, or a museum. Beautiful historic buildings abound in the United Sates, many make them available for your wedding / bar mitzvah.
• Your home – or home of a friend. A tent in a spacious backyard may be a lovely, personal setting.
• Cruise ships are another option, for those of you who enjoy watery panoramic views

Practical Advice - Questions You Want Answered - Check List
• Cost of location – is payment plan available?
• Are packages available – what they include, and what is the cost?
• Do they have a CHUPA (wedding Canopy), or do you need to provide one?
• Is there an indoor facility for the Chupa ceremony?
• Is there an outdoor facility for the Chupa ceremony?
• Liability Insurance (protecting you in case someone gets injured during the party)
• Duration of affair - is overtime available, and the charges for overtime?
• Will there be a party right before or just after yours? Make sure there’s enough time for cleanup.
• Is catering on premises kosher?
• Can you choose to use an outside catering service?
• Are tables, chairs, dishes available?
• Is rearranging furniture allowed?
• Is coatroom available for guests?
• Are there sufficient restroom facilities?
• Is parking available? And if it is what are is the cost, and what are the rates of gratuities for valets? (it is customary to pay for valet services up front, so guests will not have to tip)
• Are there limitations on music (style and hours)?
• Level of security and is there a need for additional guards?



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