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  Photography and Video

Pictures Worth Thousands
Memories of your Jewish Celebration will stay with you for a life time.  But the photographs will bring back moments in time, precious and heartwarming.  Thus, if you're going to splurge on anything for your wedding, make it the pictures.  Hiring the best photographer you can afford will ensure against disappointment and regret that come from poor pictures.

Finding the Right Photographer for your Jewish Celebration
As always, get recommendations from friends as well as the other vendors whose services you are using, such as the caterer, makeup artist, or florist.  If you can, look through friends' albums as well as several studios.  Bridal fairs and photography shows are another place to search for professionals. And of course, search the Jewish Celebration Vendor Directory for Photographers in your Area.

Keep in mind that yours will be a JEWISH Celebration.  It is important to hire photographers who are well versed in the art of photo-taking at such celebrations. For example, consider a Jewish wedding.  The rituals are different, the high points of the ceremony are unique, and the necessary setup for under the Chuppah celebration requires positioning, lighting, and an understanding of the process.

A Jewish Wedding must-take Photo List:

Bride's Portrait
Groom's Portrait
Bride and groom - official portrait
Bride and groom - and entire wedding party
Bride and groom and family members
Bride with parents
Groom with parents
Bride and groom with both sets of parents
Bride and groom with grandparents and other special family members
Members of family walking down the aisle
Groom and parents as they enter
Bride and parents as they enter
Under the Chuppah - before the ceremony
The officiating rabbi "at work"
Drinking from the cup of wine
Placement of wedding ring
Breaking the glass
The walk back as married couple

Lots of pictures will be snapped during the party.  Advise your photographer and video camera man know who is family and who are your close or "must be photographed" friends.

Practical Advice - Questions to Ask When Choosing your Photographer
When arranging for your special event, caution is always recommended.  A little extra work will prevent disasters:

Check out the photographer and videographer you choose with the Better Business Bureau. - as always, better safe than sorry.
Schedule the date, time and place of photo sessions.  Detail exact time of Photographer arrival and departure. Negotiate "overtime" fee, in the event its needed.
Discuss in detail the number photo albums including number of pages per album, price for additional photos in various sizes, number of pictures to be taken at the affair, and number of proofs to be shown to you.
Specify that YOU will choose which pictures will be included in the albums.
Agree on time schedule for: delivery of proofs and final product. 
Discuss terms of payment, percentage of deposit and date when balance is due.  Verify if there any hidden or extra charges, such as travel expenses.
Have everything documented in WRITING.


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