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 Brit Milah (Bris) - The Controversy
Bringing Newborn Jewish Boys Into the Covenant
The acceptance of the commandment of Birt Milah established an eternal bond between God and the Children of Israel, and its observance is testimony to the continuity and strength of that relationship. Though hygienic reasons abound and research validates its therapeutic benefits, the fundamental reason for the brit is God’s directive. 

The Brit Milah observance conjures up controversy with some claiming it causes sexual dysfunction, while others equating it to child abuse.  Scientific research has not supported or substantiated these claims. 

On the other hand, the World Health Organization recommends circumcision to stem the spread of AIDS, basing their decision on a large scale study that shows a significant decrease in the incidence of AIDS in circumcised men.  The ritual continues to be practiced worldwide by all religious denominations of the Jewish population.

A small contingency of naysayers and opponents to circumcision for "humane" reasons, is attempting to discredit our beautiful heritage, some even labeling the Brit "barbaric."  It seems these loud and angry voices always stem from the same sources of "enlightened" apologetics who belittle religion and tradition.  Though the observance of the ritual of the Brit Milah is practiced by Jews for reasons that are based on faith, there is ample medical research and scientific evidence that the Brit not only contributes to the health and well being of the circumcised men but is a great prevention tool that stems the proliferation of deadly diseases (as mentioned above). Yet, these the opposing voices disregard the benefits - for they deem their views superior to Jewish Sages, theologians, medical doctors and scientists.

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