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Brit Milah (Bris): Time of Celebratoion
Bringing Newborn Jewish Boys Into the Covenant
Customarily, the Brit Milah (בְּרִית מִילָה) ceremony takes place at the synagogue.  Though the Synagogue is indeed  a fitting place for this ritual so rich with Jewish spirituality and heritage, fulfilling the mitzvah of the Brit Milah can be achieved at home, a celebration hall, in the hospital, or anywhere else that is clean, fit and respectful. 

As is the fulfillment of many mitzvot, The Brit Milah too is ritual that should be performed in the presence of a minyan, a quorum of ten adult Jewish males (Over the age of Bar Mitzvah,  thirteen). Celebrating this mitzvah with friends and family glorifies the name of God, as it says, "Berov am hadrat Melech," the larger the attendance, the greater is the honor to the King (God).


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