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Pidyon Haben Celebration - Redemption of First Born
Orthodox, Conservative and Reform

Both Orthodox and Conservative Jews comply with the halachic requirement of Pidyon HaBen.

There are some differences, however, as the Conservative Movement's Committee on Jewish Law and Standards (CJLS) permits a Bat Kohen (daughter of a male Kohen) to perform the Pidyon Haben ceremony on her own behalf.

The CJLS, however, concluded that a Pidyon HaBat ceremony for a daughter was "prohibited by the Torah" and suggested, as an alternative, that parents recite the text "Rabbi Akiva interpreted: By virtue of the reward due the righteous women of the generation of the Exodus were our forefathers redeemed from Egypt" for a first-born daughter, as part of the regular Simchat Bat ceremony.

Consistent with their views  that Temple- and priesthood-related rituals and statuses are archaic and inconsistent with modern egalitarian values, most members of the Reform Judaism movement do not perform the Pidyon HaBen ceremony.

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