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Speeches for Jewish Celebrations!

You were asked to speak at a special occasion and have no idea what to say?
(Or perhaps you just don't have the time to invest in writing a speech)

Don't stress help is here!
- Father / Mother of the bride / groom speeches
- Father / Mother of Bar or Bat Mitzvah speeches
- Bar Mitzvah Boy or Bat Mitzvah Girl speeches
- Brit and Baby Naming speeches
- Speeches for Grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Siblings and Friends
- Anniversary and Birthday speeches
- And more
We write personalized speeches for all JEWISH CELEBRATIONS and more.

Service available to all denominations according to needs and preferences
(Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, etc.)
- Torah Portion themed speeches (dvar Torah)
- Jewish Heritage & Tradition themed speeches
PERSONALIZED and RELEVANT to your Special Occasion

About Celebrations Speeches
Speeches are part of every Jewish celebration and rite of passage. At the brit milah or baby naming, on the celebration of the bar and bat mitzvah, graduations, and at weddings and anniversaries! Speeches are expected. Though some regale at the opportunity to take pen to paper, most people, busy as they are with preparations and the excitement of the event, are happy to have the Jewish Celebrations Speech writers do the work for them. And we are happy to oblige.

Choosing an appropriate length for your speech:
The speed of delivering a speech varies from person to person, however the average speech rate is approximately 100-125 words per minute. A two minute speech is one page, typed and double spaced. Most speeches at a Jewish celebration should not last more than three minutes, if one is to keep the audience’s attention. Though adoring family members may be happy to kvell longer, consider who is delivering the speech. For example, most bar mitzvah boys and bat mitzvah girls prefer a short and to the point oration. Let’s be kind to them! On the other hand a graduate or father and mother of the groom or bride may want to share a bit more.

Please note that your speech will reflect YOUR Jewish affiliation (orthodox, modern orthodox, conservative, reform, traditional, unaffiliated), as you will decide whether you wish it to include Judaic texts (Talmud, weekly Torah portion, Mishna, sagely wisdom) and/or traditions, and to what extent.

Personalized speech writing is our specialty!

VISIT for more information and to submit order/request.


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