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Putting On a Face - A Do It Yourself Job?
You may be one of the brave and capable women and prefer applying your own makeup, regardless of the occasion. More power to you! But for those who would prefer to hire a professional makeup artist for a special celebration, here are some tips on finding one.

Check out local department stores, and speak to beauty consultants at the cosmetic counters. Many of them offer a free makeover. Tell them about your goal of finding a talented professional to cater to your needs on your special celebration date. When you find one that you like and feel comfortable with, ask if they make house calls, or if you may schedule time at the store on the day of the celebration.
Ask your friends and acquaintances. Word of mouth has always been a good source for reliable information.
The Yellow Pages in your area is another source. You can make a list of beauty salons, call them and find out if they offer makeup services.
Ask your photographer and/or your hair stylist. Most professionals in these fields work or know of makeup artists that they consider competent and reliable.

Working With a Professional Makeup Artist
It is important to let your makeup artist know what you feel most comfortable in. It is equally important to listen with an open mind to the suggestions of your chosen professional. It is for their expertise that you hire him or her in the first place!

In most cases, it is not a good idea to search for a "new look," rather - strive for an enhanced version of your everyday self.
If possible, try and have a "trial run" -- meaning, have your face done for a party or gathering before your big celebration, and judge by the feedback you receive.
If you're to have a "rehearsal" makeover, have yourself photographed. Mirrors and photos don't always agree :)
Another good idea is to check your "face" several hours after the "rehearsal" makeover and determine how good you look.

Practical Advice - Questions You Want Answered - Check List
Remember your budget - remember the need for guaranties and contingencies.

If you are not down to a "must have" makeup artist, but narrowed your field to several, make sure to include the "cost factor" in your final choice.
Find out whether the price of having a "home visit" is worth it financially. Check if your makeup artist expects to paid for travel expenses. While it may be more convenient, the "at home" service may be financially too extravagant.
Ask for a guaranteed appearance by the makeup artist, or an equally talented replacement in the event your chosen makeup artist cannot be there on the scheduled day.



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