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  Florists and Specialties

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere
One of the lesser known, yet beautiful traditions at Jewish weddings, is the "Krenzl" (crowning) dance. This dance honors the mother of the bride when her last daughter is wed. The mother is seated in the center of the room and is crowned with a wreath of flowers, then all the daughters dance around her to a very lively Yiddish song. Today, some have extended this custom to include both mother and father, and to be done when the last child - son or daughter.

This is only one aspect of an event that uses the beauty of flowers to enhance an occasion. There are many many more.

Flowers, flowers everywhere... and how wonderful they look as center pieces, in a brides hands, decorating the Chuppah, crowning a little girl's ringlets, or on one's lapel?

Finding the Right Florist For You
To find the right florist who will enhance the atmosphere at your affair - follow the advice below:
Talk to friends and acquaintances... ask for recommendations. Been to an affair that had the arrangement of flowers you dream of? Ask and find out who is responsible for the marvel.
You may wish to do some research. Find some books on floral arrangements (libraries carry them - so you can avoid an expense), and see if any of the suggestions catch your eye.
As a rule, in smaller shops you are more likely to receive services from the person you negotiate with. If this is important to you, keep this tidbit in mind.
Search the Jewish Celebrations DIRECTORY for fine florists and specialties providers that will make your party an affair to remember.



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