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Jewish Wedding Invitations, Bar Mitzvah invitation, Bat Mitzvah invitations
  Invitations and Thank You Notes

How Many Guests Make a Jewish Wedding Valid?
Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs range from an intimate gathering of twenty to a global gathering of every single person family members ever said hello to. It mostly depends on budget and preferences.

At least ten adults should be present during the ceremony. A group of ten adults, a minyan, became a required feature at wedding ceremonies in the eighth century because it brings solemn dignity to the ceremony. A wedding celebrated with fewer people is still valid, just as minyan-less weddings were in the earlier Talmudic era.

Invitations Styles
Invitations provide important information, including the hosts' identity, date, time, and location of your celebration. Invitations also give you an opportunity to inform your guests of the style (formal, informal, black tie, etc.), restrictions (no photography, modest dress, etc.), and limitations (i.e. no children. Though this is usually done discreetly, by addressing Mr. & Mrs. only). Invitations also offer the first impression of the affair that you intend to have.

There are numerous styles, many of which you can find displayed online. Several printing companies are equipped to provide service to the Jewish consumer who desires both English and Hebrew wording on the invitations.

Practical Advice - Questions You Want Answered - Check List
Though you may want to see "what's out there" before making a style decision, it may help to narrow down your choices somewhat. Thus you will have a head start and avoid being overwhelmed.

Style choices: Formal; Causal; Handmade-style paper
Text: English only, or English and Hebrew?
Lettering: Traditional; Engraving; Calligraphy; Thermography; Modern type; Color or black ink?
Size: Plain; traditionally folded; decorative; oversized?
Iording: Decide on the hosts
Special Requests: attire; gifts; children; other
Information Listed: names, date, time, location
Enclosures: Response cards; maps; lodging information

It is generally better to order 20 to 30 more invitation than you think you may use, just to be on the safe side. Order extra envelopes allowing for addressing errors.

Remember, however, that the number of invitations needed does not equal the number of guests. You will be sending one per household, not one per invitee.

One more thing. Ask your printer about thank you cards. You may be able to negotiate a discount if your order all your printing needs at the same time.



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