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Living Jewish? You need Judaica!

What does Living Jewish mean? There are dramatically different ideas about how a Jewish life may be lived.  Orthodox Judaism adheres to the traditions of yore, the Conservative movement believes that some laws may be changed with time, and the Reform leave it up to the individual to choose the traditions they wish to follow. There are a variety of practices between Judaism’s branches, and a myriad of traditions, customs, and quirky modes of observances. 

But regardless of the denomination or stream of Judaism, all embrace tradition to some degree, as well as traditional holidays, customs, and rituals.

Judaica stores and outlets provide the artifact for observing or participating in the traditions and rituals.

Living Jewish? You need Judaica!
Judaica stores and outlets carry a myriad of items that are necessary or somehow relate to everyday Jewish Living.  From prayer books, to prayer shawls, to Shabbat Kiddush accessories.

Below is a limited list of items that can be bought at a Judaica store.

  • Mezuzah: (Lit. doorpost)  A case affixed to the doorposts of Jewish homes, containing a parchment with passages of SHEMA (a prayer) written on it.  
    (Note: Your door needs a Mezuzah set, the CASE and the Scroll)

  • Tephillin/Tefillin: Phylacteries. Leather pouches containing parchments with passages of the SHEMA, used to fulfill the directive to bind the commandments to our hands and between our eyes.

  • Talit and Tzitzit: Large and small prayer shawls

  • Chanukiyah (Chanukah Menorah): The nine-branched Chanukah menorah, different from the seven-branched candelabras often found in synagogues and temples.

  • Shabbat Candle sticks: At least two candles are lit by the women of the households, representing the dual commandments to remember and to keep the Sabbath. As part of the ritual, women wave their hands over the candles, welcoming in the Sabbath.

  • Kiddush Cups: Friday night and Shabbat day meals begin with the Kiddush (the sanctification of the day).  The Kiddush  is recited while holding a cup of wine or other grape juice.

  • Passover Seder Plates and Haggadahs: The plate displays the symbols relating to the exodus of the Jews from enslavement by the Egyptians to freedom. The haggadah is the book recited during the Passover Seder.

  • Much More.

Practical Advice - Questions You Want Answered - And A Few Words of Caution
There are expert scribes who specialized in creating Tefillin, Mezuzot, and other Jewish Ritual artifacts.  There are also rules and requirements, whether in size, type of material used (parchment for mezuzot and tefillin, wool for the talit and tefillin fringes, etc.)

Be sure to purchase for well established vendors, and be sure to verify the autenticity and "kosher" status of the objects offered for sale.



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