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  Transportation and Accommodations

Ride to Your Jewish Celebration
Getting there -- how important is it?  Very, one would think :)

Traditionally, Jewish brides and grooms arrive to their wedding in separate cars and do not see each other until the "Bedeken" before Chuppah ceremony.  However, in any case, do not leave transportation arrangement for the last minute. 

(The Bedeken ceremony - the Veiling of the Bride - After the ketubah is signed, the groom may choose to lower the veil over his bride’s face. This recalls the biblical nuptial episode.  Jacob’s father-in-law Laban put his daughter, Leah, in place of Jacob’s chosen bride, Rachel.  The deception was possible because of the heavy veil brides wore.  When the groom personally veils the bride, it’s a kind of insurance policy against bridal surprises.)

Order your transportation to get to the synagogue or hall an hour ahead of time, so you have time for family picture taking before the guests arrive.

Family or friends may drive you to the ceremony or you may choose to use limousine services.

Limousine, Bus, Train, Aircraft - your choice.
If you choose to take advantage of a limousine service, check them out first. 

  • If possible, inspect cars.  

  • Make sure and hire a company that is fully licensed and insured.

  • Reserve your date and time well in advance.  

  • Confirm your reservations a few days before the wedding, bar mitzvah or for any other occasion you are celebrating, to ensure your reservation is still on the computer.

  • Make sure that the drivers have the right date, times, and location where you and your party are to be picked up as well as clear directions to your destination.

  • If possible, give drivers a list of their passengers 

If your celebration is out of town but still a drivable distance, you may wish to hire a bus for family and friends.

Accommodations for You and Your Guests
If you are inviting guests from out of town, it is courteous to provide them with information about hotels or motels in the area.

If your celebration is far away from home, you may need to arrange accommodation for yourself as well as the whole wedding or bar mitzvah party.

The assistance of a travel agent may be invaluable, or you may choose to search for the proper lodging yourself.

Practical Advice - Tips and Suggestions

• Search the Jewish Celebrations DIRECTORY for fine travel and accommodation service providers
• If your celebration is taking place in a hotel reception hall, request information about accommodation packages.
• When booking for a large group (10 or more rooms) request a group rate discount.
• If group is large - inquire if the hotel might assist your party with transportation from hotel to the celebration location. 
• When booking a large number of rooms, you may get a complimentary honeymoon suite, or at least a substantial discount.
• Don't hesitate to ask break in price.  All hotel prices are negotiable.
• Have everything documented in WRITING.



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