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  Musicians and DJs for Your Jewish Celebration

Jewish Wedding, Jewish Music?
Wedding music is mood music.  The commitment symbolized by the Jewish wedding ceremony is a bonding of two souls.  Meaningful music choices can reflect the spiritual heights of the day.  

You are not limited to any style, genre or tempo.  To some it's not a Jewish Wedding if "Hava Nagila" wasn't played and the Hora wasn't danced, but truthfully, what makes a Jewish wedding Jewish are the Jewish Bride and the Jewish Groom.

So you may opt to hire a DJ juggling rock and roll or modern Israeli music; you may go for the string quartet; the one-man-band; the full orchestra; or a Klezmer group.

What ever makes you dance!

Practical Advice - Questions to Ask When Choosing your Music Provider
Regardless of who you hire, whether a band that performed at all your friends' weddings, or a new group on the horizon.... be cautious, and get everything agreed upon before making initial payment.

Search the Jewish Celebrations DIRECTORY for fine Musicians and DJs that will make your party an affair to remember.

Here's a list of issues that should be included in your contract:
In detail, the exact date of event, expected arrival time, and the location including the address and any specifics i.e. west entrance.
List of the equipment expected to be supplied as well as a list of the equipment to be provided; e.g., chairs, music stands, amplifiers. 
Musicians attire guidelines; You have the right to require your musicians to comply with the dress style of your affair, be it formal, semi-formal or even casual.
A list of songs, and instructions as when they should be played.  It is good to discuss B-list songs to play should they need to fill time.
Duration of of time musicians are expected to perform; fees for overtime; commitment to perform overtime, if necessary.
Contract should list the names of the specific musicians who will play at your ceremony, as well as names of acceptable substitutes should there be an emergency.
Discuss cost in detail, and verify if there any hidden or extra charges, such as travel expenses.
Have everything documented in WRITING.



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