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Jewish Wedding Gift Ideas
The tradition of giving wedding gifts not only helps a couple set up their new home, but enables guests to partake in the joy of the beginning of a new life of togetherness. 

Gifts of money are very common at Jewish weddings.  So how much should one give?  It depends on the family relation and closeness, and of course on how much one can afford. 

If you choose to buy a gift, you might want to ask the couple if they have registered with one of the gift services (a very common online practice, nowadays). If you choose to purchase a gift, try and deliver it before or after the wedding - to the couple's home.  If you bring a boxed gift to the wedding, look for the waiter, a maid of honor, or one of the bride and groom's friends will was assigned to care for and store presents in a safe place.

Jewish Wedding Gift Ideas:
 •Money (always comes in handy)

 • Contribute to the gift registry list chosen by the couple
 • A Mezuzah for the door (parchment and box)
 • Shabbat Candle sticks
 • A picture or sculpture with a Jewish theme
 • A set of Jewish/Kosher Cookbooks
 • If you decide to gift the couple with anything other than money or registry participation, it is recommended that you ask the couple what they would like to receive.  You will thus be sure to buy an item that would be of use and appreciated.  Inclusion of an echange certificate is always a good idea.
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 Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas
Boys and girls appreciate monetary offerings as well. But, you may choose to purchase a gift yourself, and thus assured the money is spent on what you deem important, educational, or worth having.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Gift Ideas:
 • Money (always comes in handy)

 • U.S. or Israel Bonds - teach kids about saving for the future
 • Jewish Books or books with Jewish themes (very popular in the orthodox community)
 • Collectibles (if you know of the boy or girl's hobbies)
 • Ask the parents for suggestions. 
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Gifts for All Jewish Celebrations Occasions
The Jewish life cycle incorporate many opportunities for celebration.  From the Brit (circumcision) and Simchat Bat ceremonies, to birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and more. All occasions for gift giving and bringing happiness and joy.

The Jewish year also provide with gifting chances, as we celebrate holidays during the winter, spring, summer, and fall.

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