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  Event Planners

Hiring a Professional Event Planer: The Benefits

"Hazman Katzar V'hamelacha Merubah" (Pirkei Avot) - the time is short and the work is plenty. Despite automation and technology, our days seem shorter than ever. Between work, school, family obligations, and social activity, the hours fly by. Are we going to find time to coordinate our wedding? Our son or daughters bar or bat mitzvah?

Well - help is here in the form of party planners. Professionals who do what they do best to make your celebration the most wonderful, memorable and as stress-free as possible.

What are the benefits to hiring a party planner professional?
Time, time, time... just think of the hours you WILL NOT have to invest in coordinating your affair. Not only will you save precious time by letting others do your leg work, but good party planners are already knowledgeable about the best services out there. All you have to to is show up for appointments, approve designs, locations, menus, etc.
Experienced and competent professionals have a portfolio of vendors that they have worked with in the past, and know to be competent and reliable.
Party coordinators often get better rates, as they are in a stronger position to negotiate price.
When you find the coordinator that is to your liking, you will find that he or she serves not only in contracting, overseeing, and coordinating your affair, but comes up with creative ideas to enhance yours.

Practical Advice - Questions You Want Answered - Check List
  When hiring an Event Planner - you will be asked many questions about your preferences, budget, expectations, etc. But please remember, you are hiring and thus, you have the privilege and the obligation to determine whether the Event Planner is the right match for you. Be sure to consider the following:
Are you and your planner on the same "wave length?" If you feel pushed, or coerced - this union is not for you.
Make sure your coordinator understands your budget and sticks with it.
Verify the Event Planners experience, contacts in the industry, negotiating power, ability understand contracts (so you are protected from hidden charges, or in case of default).
Determine the extent of involvement of the Event Planner: In addition to basic coordination of location, catering, photography, music, which other services are included. i.e. - invitations, wedding attire, hands-on coordination at the event, thank you notes, honeymoon plans, etc. To avoid misunderstanding, your contract should DETAIL the services are included
Discuss compensation in detail, and verify if there any hidden or extra charges, such as travel expenses, telephone, etc.
Have everything documented in WRITING.



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